Lets Make a Difference!

Our Goals


We organize events and programs for our fellow Villagers to participate in. From planting trees to consulting for non-profits we want to give back in any way possible.

Raise Funds

There are several amazing non-profits in our beautiful city all doing amazing things. We provide financial support through direct donations and organizing fundraisers on their behalf.

Provide Resources

We have access to some of the brightest minds here at the Atlanta Tech Village and we facilitate opportunities for these brilliant individuals to support local non-profits.

A few things we are working on

Our Projects

How can I help you ask?

Lend a hand, or two…


We are always looking for anyone willing to volunteer for the non-profits we are working with. By signing up to volunteer we will keep you posted on upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Donate / Sponsor

Have more money than time? That is totally fine and we have several projects that require funds to execute. Anything you are willing to donate is greatly appreciated and we will let you know exactly where your money is going.

Provide Resources

You have access to some solid resources that you believe may be able to help our mission? From press connections to non-profit organizers and everyone in between if you know someone that could help, we would love to meet them!